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My Work Experience

Work Experience : Projects

Original Content Creator


January 2023

It is the most exciting experience in my life! Eventually, I found an opportunity to create original contents regarding new digital law. My duty at HUBOX is generating ideas, embodying ideas and converting them to the contents. We are sharing interesting legal topics to our members such as news regarding law, new legislations, controversial topics, giving a learning path and trying to create an ecosystem which leads a digital university that all of the people could benefit from. HUBOX is the first and most pathbreaking digital legal platform in Turkey.

  • Legal Content Creating 

  • Following New Legislations

  • Review of Judgements

  • Giving Verbal Lectures

  • CreatingInnovative Ideas

  • Generating Ideas to the Stories

Legal Intern

Trendyol Group

November 2022

I am actively participating in responding to the writs and written warnings, carrying out contract process at the global level, preparing reports on legislative changes and making translations; providing consultancy service to different departments and conducting the process regarding executions, statements, and lawsuits.

  • E-commerce Law

  • Contract Law

  • Law of Execution

  • IP Law

  • Commercial Law

  • Advertising Law

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Hukuk ve Bilisim Journal 

August 2022

My duty as a writer at Hukuk ve Bilişim Journal is writing articles regarding law and technology. Hukuk ve Bilişim Journal is one of the most prestigious Journal in the field of law and technology in Turkey.

  • Dijital Mal Varlıklarının Miras Yoluyla İntikali

  • Kripto Paraların Mahiyetine İlişkin Bir Değerlendirme: Kripto Paralar Yabancı Para Olabilir Mi?

  • Tapu ve Kadastro Uygulamalarında Yeni Nesil Bir Yaklaşım: Blockchain Temelli Tapu Sicili Sistemleri

  • İnsanlıktan Yapay Zekâya Bir Miras: Ön Yargı 

  • Dijital Dünyanın Getirdikleri: Dügünde Takılan Kripto Paralar ve Hukuki Durumu

Legal Intern


Kavlak Law Firm

September 2022

After carrying out a semi annual process in Kavlak Academy as the most successful candidate, I decided to work at a law firm that has a vision ahead of the time such as Kavlak Law Firm. During my internship at Kavlak I will focus on start-up law, IT & IP law, corporate & commercial law, employment law and personal data protection law.

  • Law & Technology

  • IT & IP Law

  • Law of Execution

  • Data Protection Law

  • Contract Law

  • Corporate & Commercial Law

  • Employment Law

Work Experience : Projects


MEF University Mentorship Program 

October 2021 - May 2022

My duty on mentorship is guiding law students who are incoming freshman. I am making recommendations to incoming freshman regarding lectures, personal growth and social life in university.


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Founder Content Writer


Lex Ferenda Law Review

Since June 2021

This is the first law review of MEF University. I am assigned to translate and examine court decisions. Especially, I am generating new ideas for following issues. Also, I am writing articles when it is needed. 

  • Issue I - Gäfgen v. Germany Review of Judgement 

  • Special Issue for 10th November - The History of the Turkish and Swiss Civil Codes from Past to Today

  • Issue II - Dünyada ve Türkiye'de Kripto Paraların Hukuki Niteliği ve Cebri İcra Prosedürüne Konu Edilmesi

Work Experience : Projects

Student Assistant

MEF University Faculty of Law

December 2021 - April 2022

My duty as a student assistant is organizing Career Days and making contact with law firms. Also I carried out the process of preparing templates of mails/social media posts and regulating schedule.

Work Experience : Projects

Summer Intern 

Özbek Attorney Partnership

August - September 2021

In the main, I focused on corporate law, personal data protection law, IT law and labour law. As a matter of fact, I attended in mediation process. Also, I was tasked to do legal research regarding the various matter disputes and formed annotations and translated specific provisions from clients’ contracts and revised contracts of corporations with comparing their English and Turkish versions. 

  • Corporate law 

  • Cookie law compliance 

  • Personal data protection law 

  • Labour law 

  • Dispute resolution


Summer Intern 

Aksan Law Firm 

June - August 2021

It was an inestimable experience to participate in one of Turkey's leading law firms. I met with respectable lawyers and gained experience in practice. Especially, I specialized in writing petitions and doing legal research. In the main, I focused on labour law, enforcement law, commercial law and law of obligations. In addition to this, I learned about consulting in Aksan law firm. I presented documents on UYAP and examined documents from UYAP to form physical files. During my internship in Aksan, I added another string to my bow.

  • Commercial law 

  • Labour law 

  • Dispute resolution 

  • Consulting 

  • Enforcement law 

  • Law of obligations

Work Experience : Projects

Summer Intern 

IG & Karahan Law Office 

June - August 2018

It was the first work experience I have ever encountered. As a freshman in university, working in a law office was difficult. However, I learned how to work on a case file and how to take action in courthouses. I wrote my first petition in IG & Karahan Law Office. Plenty of skills that I acquired began to develop in this process. 

  • Enforcement law 

  • Family law 

  • IT law 

  • Criminal law 

  • Law of obligations 

  • Consumer law 

  • Real estate law 

Work Experience : Projects
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