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Who Am I ?

Legal Intern - Drummer - Content Writer


In brief, I am a newly graduate law student, who wants to work in particular areas. I was born in 1997 and living in İstanbul. In 2013 I got accepted to Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School. From that time, I have been participating in student clubs and independent organizations. Since 2014 I have been playing drums and attended various concerts. I was the president of Cağaloğlu Music Club for one year and within that period we organized lots of events. Also, my music band appeared as a guest band on a concert in German consulate general. After the long period of music and student club's activities, I got into MEF University law faculty with full scholarship in 2017. 

In law faculty, lots of things changed, but I continued to play drums and became the vice president of MEF Music Club. After meeting with the law discipline, my attitude to life has changed. More reading, thinking, communicating and discussing... In 2018, I have awarded with Dr. İbrahim Arıkan Merit-Based Scholarship. Day after day my interest for different law areas have been increasing. Law of obligations, international law, commercial law, corporate law, competition law, IT & IP law, employment law, inheritance law are some of those. I worked in reputable law firms such as Aksan Law Firm, Özbek Attorney Partnership and IG & Karahan Law Office.

I have participated in MEF Law Club as a general secretary in following years. After that, I selected as an oralist for MEF University Moot Court team. In the recent times, I am writing articles regarding various legal subjects. I am founder content writer of Lex Ferenda Law Review, which is MEF University's first Law Review. This year, I participated in the first team of MEF University ISTAC Future Arbitration Counsel Competition, our team has been ranked on top 16 during oral rounds. While I was working as a student assistant in MEF University, I participated three different academy programs of reputable law firms. I started to work as a writer at Hukuk ve Bilişim Journal recently. 

As of August, I started to work as a trainee lawyer registered to the Istanbul Bar Association. On September 2022, I joined to Kavlak Law Firm, which is one of the leading law firms in our country in the fields of law and technology and start-up law with a new generation approach. There I was into IT law, litigation, employment law, enforcement law, data protection law, foreigners law and start-up law. Then, as of November, I joined to the legal team of Trendyol, the largest e-commerce company in Turkey. In this process, I had the opportunity to improve myself in the fields of e-commerce law, consumer law, contract law, advertising law, intellectual property law and enforcement law and gained experience about in-house counseling. Once for all, as of January I am working as a original content creator at HUBOX, Turkey's one of the best law venture and the most pathbreaking digital platform. 

Now, I am a reading fancier, communication-addicted trainee lawyer, trying to find his way in the ocean of law. For good measure, I am trying to find a venerable place for my future career in this ocean. When I was a child I struggled with a vast number of diseases and survived. Therefore, I am believing that there was a reason for my survival. I am here to make real this reason.

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