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I am glad to meet you.

Greetings and salutations! My name is Ömer Batuhan Uçmak, and I am here to share my projects, skills, articles, ideas, and everything else about me with you. Indeed, it is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

Let's begin!

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Suitability for Different Kinds of Disputes

also Drumming as a profession

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International Commercial Law

With the competence of using English and German, it is better to analyze international disputes. On the other side, having the goods on law of obligations and persons winnows me from other candidates. For good measure, one year moot court experience as an oralist and being junior coach of MEF University's moot court team give confidence to overcome tangled disputes.


Crisis Management

In last eight years, I have been participating a vast number of organizational activities. As a member, general secretary, vice-president and a president; I had difficulties in deciding. However the difficulties taught me crisis management. I am able to take responsibility when the chips are down. For this reason, you can count on me for the critical situations.


Employment Law

During my all voluntary internships I was tasked to carry out litigation and consulting process of employment law disputes in some way. Especially, I took part in preparation of consulting for multinational corporations by writing legal annotations. On other hand, my skills varied on writing reply petition of appeal, statement petition to the witness statement, notification petition, petitions for the clarification of decisions. Also, I assisted 15+ mediation meetings as a representative employer.



In last nine years, I have been participating in a wide range of concerts and music bands. My journey of music started with hard rock, and it continued with blues, jazz, pop, indie, Anatolian rock, thrash metal. Also, for four years I have been working on soundtracks. Recently, I am trying to combine my music and law by specializing in IP law. Feel free to contact me about both issues or offers regarding music and law!

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IT & IP Law

The future is on technology. As a caring jurist for social upheaval, I should have gain insight about IT and IP law. So, during Pandemic I started to learn different aspect of IP law and participated respectable academies. Also, in last two years I was being insistent to combine technological innovations with law. That situation brought me a new perspective. With attending one of the most prestigious law academy on technology program I am closer to my goal!

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Content Creating & Writing

It is a pleasure to create contents and write articles regarding interesting subjects. I aspire to boldly go where no one has gone before. In this respect, on one hand I am working as a original content creator at a digital platform on the other hand I am writing articles for a well-known review.

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Istanbul, Turkey

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